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MPACT FOR MANKIND puts the communities we work with first; using in-depth primary research to provide them the tools they need to create positive change. We are building for a sustainable future, so that these communities can always be improving.

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According to World Bank data, healthcare accounts for only 7.6% of the GDP as compared to nearly 10% in the UK and 17% in the US. As such, Haiti is lacking in modern medical resources that are considered standard in developing nations. These disparities include an insufficient number of hospitals and clinics as compared to the population (1.3 hospital beds per 1,000 people), an insufficient supply of trained nurses, doctors, and other medical providers, lack of technology and medical equipment, and a lack of medications needed to provide adequate care. Compounding the issue is that the majority of the population can’t reach the available access points due to distance and they simply can’t afford the services even if they could get there.

MPACT FOR MANKIND is working to improve the health status the rural village of Myan, Haiti. We have formed a strategic partnership with Coreluv International, based out of Houston, to enhance the existing medical clinics in Haiti, providing much-needed equipment, supplies, and staffing.

In Myan, CoreLuv has developed a 12-acre plot of land that houses an orphanage that cares for up to 80 children, a school that allows more than 300 children from the orphanage and community to get an education and a medical center that is open to the community. The ground was broken on the medical center in February 2015, and while it is now open to provide services, it is not yet running at its full capacity and potential, due to the need for additional resources in staffing, equipment, supplies, and medications. Our goal is to help enhance the services being provided on a consistent basis, contributing to the overall improved health status of the children living in the orphanage and the residents of Myan and the surrounding communities.

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With 47% of the continent’s population living in extreme poverty,  there are regions in which the local populations are suffering from diseases without hope for treatment. Malaria and HIV/AIDS account for 69% of the deaths in sub-Saharan Africa. MPACT is collaborating with the local NGO’s to alleviate the day-to-day struggles in a community in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is the second largest country in Africa, with a population estimated at 83 million people, and shares only 2% of the world’s doctors with their whole continent.

The village of Bibogobogo lacks access to clean water, healthy food, and proper medical care. MPACT is bringing much-needed basic medical supplies to this village to treat common problems that turn deadly when left untreated. Our goal is to expand to include medical missions and the development of healthcare access points. We will also provide education and support to the in-country medical providers so that they can continue to improve the way they serve their community.

We are expanding our reach on the continent of Africa by facilitating our first medical mission trip to Uganda in late 2020.

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MPACT is also focused on improving the lives of those in our own community. Based on data provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Dallas County fares poorly when compared to peer counties, notably in areas of chronic disease, access to care, poverty, and access to adequate food supply and healthy foods. The city of Dallas is ranked #1 for the number of people living 185% below the poverty line compared to any other American city and #2 for the number of people living 100% below the poverty line. 38% of children live in poverty, the highest in any U.S. city with a population of over 1 million people. 20% of children have no health insurance, with 160,000 suffering from obesity and 60,000 having asthma.

Our mission is to contribute to the transformation of underserved communities and to see consistent improvements in the overall health of the individuals living there. In doing so, we will remove barriers in access to healthcare within these communities including affordability, transportation issues, and availability of routine, quality care.

We have three main goals for our home base: improve health outcomes, decrease burden on local emergency rooms by addressing issues before they become critical, and increase health literacy. We are contributing to the consistent improvement of overall health.

Sources: City of Dallas Housing Committee Briefing (December 2016); Mayor’s Task Force on Poverty Briefing (September 2016); Mayor’s Task Force on Poverty Update: Drivers of Poverty in Dallas (August 2017); Center for Public Policy Priorities report “State of Texas Children 2016”

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