MPACT FOR MANKIND puts the communities we work with first; using in-depth primary research to provide them the tools they need to create positive change. We are building for a sustainable future, so that these communities can always be improving.


According to World Bank data, healthcare accounts for only 7.6% of the GDP as compared to nearly 10% in the UK and 17% in the US. As such, Haiti is lacking in modern medical resources that are considered standard in developing nations. These disparities include an insufficient number of hospitals and clinics as compared to the population (1.3 hospital beds per 1,000 people), an insufficient supply of trained nurses, doctors, and other medical providers, lack of technology and medical equipment, and a lack of medications needed to provide adequate care. Compounding the issue is that the majority of the population can’t reach the available access points due to distance and they simply can’t afford the services even if they could get there.

MPACT FOR MANKIND is working to improve the health status of communities in rural Haiti. We work with local churches and organizations to enhance existing medical clinics and programs in these communities. We believe strongly that it is not our duty to apply what we think these communities need by our own standards, but to work along side the people of that community to identify the priorities and achieve positive, sustainable change.This may come in the form of medical mission trips, providing expertise in medical care and healthcare administration, education or building up basic resources to promote the health of the community.

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With 47% of the continent’s population living in extreme poverty, there are regions in which the local populations are suffering from diseases without hope for treatment. Malaria and HIV/AIDS account for 69% of the deaths in sub-Saharan Africa.

Through partnerships with local NGO’s MPACT is bringing much-needed basic medical supplies and treatment to alleviate common problems that turn deadly when left untreated. Through education and support of the in-country medical providers and community leaders, we can help to improve the way they serve their communities and bring about a positive and lasting change.

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MPACT seeks to improve the lives of those in our own community as well as abroad. In concert with our local health systems and other organizations, we contribute to the transformation of underserved communities to see consistent improvements in the overall health of the individuals living there. We seek to help remove barriers in access to healthcare within these communities and break down the social divides that result in an apartheid of basic, life sustaining and enhancing resources.

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