“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
– Helen Keller

who we work with

The issue of poverty and the challenges that come along with it are pervasive and widespread around the globe. It is too complex of an issue for any one person or organization to solve. We believe that we can make a greater impact and touch more lives through working with others. It is because of that belief that we welcome a variety of philanthropic partners in our work.

Philanthropic partnerships come in varied forms, sizes, and methods of contribution. We are committed to collaborations that are impactful and strategically aligned with our purpose, vision, and values. These may include specific project partners, government officials, other humanitarian organizations, other health organizations, vendors, suppliers, companies, individuals, and professional groups.

Do you believe your philanthropic goals or passions are aligned with ours? If you would like to partner with us to transform the lives of communities around the world, email us at info@mpact4mankind.com for more information.