“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
– Helen Keller


The issue of poverty and the challenges that come along with it are pervasive and widespread around the globe. It is too complex of an issue for any one person or organization to solve. We believe that we can make a greater impact and touch more lives through working with others. It is because of that belief that we welcome a variety of philanthropic partners in our work.

Philanthropic partnerships come in varied forms, sizes, and methods of contribution. We are committed to collaborations that are impactful and strategically aligned with our purpose, vision, and values. These may include specific project partners, government officials, other humanitarian organizations, other health organizations, vendors, suppliers, companies, individuals, and professional groups.

Do you believe your philanthropic goals or passions are aligned with ours? If you would like to partner with us to transform the lives of communities around the world, email us at info@mpact4mankind.com for more information.

MPACT For Mankind and Coreluv partnered together to provide more than 1,000 medical and dental visits to people in Myan, Haiti and the surrounding rural areas.  We also provided more than $7,500 in supplies and medications needed for chronically ill children at the Coreluv Children’s Village, where 71 orphans have found a loving home.

In partnership with People Care, MPACT for Mankind has engaged with the Bibogobogo community in the Democratic Republic of Congo, sending medical supplies and over the counter medications to support the significantly under-resourced, local medical clinic. Without these supplies, the people living there lack the ability to treat even basic medical ailments.

MPACT has supported Rescue Hope’s mission of providing medical care to the rural areas of Tororo, Uganda through providing medical supplies and financial support. We are looking forward to sending medical teams to support their newly opened micro hospital there in the near future.

MPACT for Mankind provided 160 bags of concrete needed to complete Mountain of Hope’s new medical clinic in Kreve, Haiti. The groundbreaking for the clinic occurred in 2021. We have also provided support to procure supplies and medications in-country so that local medical practitioners are able to go out and provide medical care to the surrounding rural communities. In May 2022, 155 people in the surrounding rural communities were able to receive much needed medical care.

MPACT For Mankind partnered with U.S. Hunger to create a virtual food pantry in 2021, serving our local community in Dallas County. Through this program, nearly 10,000 servings of nutritious food went out to families in 2021 and another 12,125 servings in Spring 2022.

To view our 2022 Impact Summary for our virtual food pantry, click here.

Through our partnership with U.S. Hunger and our Hunger Projects, MPACT For Mankind’s team and volunteers packaged and distributed approximately 2,500 meals to Aunt Bette’s Community Pantry, serving the Southern Dallas community.

Through our partnership with U.S. Hunger and our Hunger Projects, MPACT For Mankind’s team and volunteers packaged and distributed approximately 2,500 meals to assist Our Calling in providing meals to the unhoused population in downtown Dallas.

MPACT For Mankind teamed up with the RN Divas and the Anita Martinez Recreation Center in August of 2019 to provide back-to-school medical screenings to children and parents in the West Dallas community.

Thank you to the organizations that contribute to MPACT For Mankind’s mission through volunteering their time, services, and financial support.  Together we are contributing to making lives better both locally and around the world.